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While experiencing some massive problems with MYSQL, I completely removed a package called rsyslog, and I can no longer get on the internet to use the package manager to correct my mistake. I also got rid of librdf0 as well (oops). I would like to download the missing packages onto a CD with another computer, and manually reinstall them on my Ubuntu platform. Any ideas where to find these?

(I am assuming this is the package I need. Either way, I still need to get access to the correct packages and install them).

Thank you all very much in advance. Matt

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The location will depend on the specific ubuntu version you're running, here are some for various platforms:-

You can install by running

sudo dpkg -i package.deb
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Thank you very much, that is exactly what I was looking for. For reference, I actually listed the wrong package. It was the libcouchdb-glib-1.02 package that I ended up needing, in case anyone else ever makes the same mistake. – Swifty McSwifterton Mar 18 '11 at 8:06

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