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I have configured an FTP server in IIS 6. I can access it by using ftp://localhost/. When I try I accessing it using static IP instead of localhost in a remote location, the page doesn't open. I am using Amazon EC2 instance. I have opened all ports for ICMP so I can ping to the static IP and port 21, 20, 1025-7000 are opened. I can open the page even if I disable the windows firewall. What changes must I make for it to work remotely ?

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Make sure that the site binding listens on the public IP for FTP, and not just Try testing locally using ftp://{your_public_ip} to confirm that it's setup to listen on that IP. If it works locally but not remotely, then a firewall or proxy server in-between is blocking it.

Also, try briefly to disable the Windows firewall to confirm that it's not fighting with you. Or, better yet, enable logging and check the logs after a failed attempt. That way you don't have to disable the whole firewall.

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I faced the same problem today, so maybe my answer will still be helpful for someone. All I needed to do was to add a security rule in my EC2 dashboard. The steps are:

  1. Go to EC2 dashboard
  2. Select Security Groups in the right panel
  3. Select HTTP rule in Inbound Rules tab
  4. Click Add Rule and then Apply Rule Changes
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