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I have a few servers which i need to mount a windows server directory to it

I using the following command:

# mount -t cifs //ntserver/download -o username=vivek,password=myPassword /mnt/ntserver

There are no issue with most servers.

However I encounter the following error with two particular server

mount error: mount point /mnt/ntserver does not exist

Anyone know the reason and how to resolve it?

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The directory /mnt/ntserver needs to exist on the machine before you can mount anything to it.

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In Unix and its variants, such as Linux, file systems are not made available by giving them unique drive letters like in Windows; instead, there is a single hierarchal directory tree, and filesystems are made available by mounting them somewhere in that tree.

One of the filesystems will serve as the basis for everything else (/) and everything else is mounted somewhere below in a subdirectory. The directory where a filesystem is mounted must already exist, or the mount command will fail - if you ask me, it would be more logical and useful to require that it does not exist, but that's the way it is.

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