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I have purchased a domain with Goddaddy, I have apache running, and i can access it outside my local network using my IP. Now all i need to know is how do I associate my ip with that domain? Please help! :)

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Someone needs to host DNS for you. GoDaddy will host it for you if you want, it's a setting on your GoDaddy domain page. After that, you'll need to create a host (or "A") record for your server, which is just a record that matches the name and the IP address.

Link for more info: GoDaddy DNS Management

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Does your GoDaddy account also come with DNS hosting? If so then just add a host (A) record into your domain with whatever name you want to use (e.g.- 'www') with your IP (public) address.

If you do not have DNS hosting you will need to either sign up with a DNS host or set up your own DNS server(s). Buying just a domain from GoDaddy simply gives you the right to that domain name. You have to have DNS servers that will resolve your domain in order for things to work.

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