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I Work for a call center but I'm moving out of the city, the boss gave me my phone that I use at work. Now will the phone automatically configure it's self to the network once I plug it in or do I have to do something special in order for it to work?

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If you were using a public IP to connect to voip provider or virtual PBX, you probably won't need to do anything and the phone will work. If you were connecting to a LAN IP (usually a PBX like asterisk) you have many options and it is better to see with the voip/network admin if you'll need a VPN or direct internet connection to connect to the PBX.

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+1 absolutally. VoIP networks can be configured in a hundred different ways and the only way to know is to speak to the person that runs the callcentre's VoIP system – Mark Henderson Apr 23 '11 at 22:31

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