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I've just purchased Jungle Disk so I can backup to my S3 account. One of the most important items on the main server backup is an Act database. In order to backup the ACT database using Backup exec I've had to create a Pre and Post backup script as follows below. It seems that Jungle Disk doesn't use the same Pre and Post scripts (bat files) as Backup Exec. I've looked around on the internet for details on the Pre/Post but have been unable to find an answer. If anyone knows, what would be the Jungle Disk equivalent to what I've got below.

Pre: net stop MSSQL$ACT7

Post: net start MSSQL$ACT7

I've got the above in .bat scripts and they run pre/post in Backup Exec but I get the following error if I use them in Jungle Disk.

xScriptReturnedError - Execution of pre-backup script (C:\BackupScripts\SQL Stop.bat) failed Exception Code: xScriptReturnedError (150)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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