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(DNS1 ,WWW1, Gateway1) (sub-internal network)   
(DNS0,WWW0,Gateway0) (internal network)

Gateway1: /24 (internal)   :: to (external)

Gateway0: (internal) :: 69.94.x.x (external, dynamic ,isp control)

Expected behavior: When using dig from internal ( hosts, and query about domain from nameserver's hosts (for which its authoritative), it should return the ip address.

What's happening: After dig, answer section empty, the query is trying to access a.root server instead of ,even though I have defined as dns in gateway1's resolv.conf


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Why are you using 2 DNS servers in this setup? You can just use one, serving DNS requests for your whole network. Clients on other subnets just need to have access to this DNS server via a default gateway into the network where the DNS server is located.

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Because I want to establish a hierarchy as in real world, and can have internal changes without knowing about it. Also, should be able to access by "domain names" and the vice versa should be possible using same method. – nikhilelite Mar 22 '11 at 12:38

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