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How do you make a WinXP bootable USB drive?

I've seen a bunch of instruction here on ServerFault but they are specific to Vista or Linux, so again - I'm using WinXP. I've also tried unetbootin, but that doesn't work with Windows

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Use BartPE to make a minimal environment you can boot from USB media, and from there you can prepare your windows installation and run the appropriate installer.

Once you have configured your BartPE image, and sent it to your USB drive. Go ahead and reboot and issue the following command:

D:\i386\winnt32.exe /syspart:C: /tempdrive:C: /makelocalsource

Where D: is your USB drive, and C: is the hard drive you want to install to. Just walk through the various prompts etc.

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I've never tried that, but a google search pulled up this pre-done image for a bootable xp image for USB sticks:

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That's for creating a WinXP recovery bootup - not the operating system install – Timhou Jun 12 '09 at 19:08

Look at, which was closed today but has additional information on how to get an XP image onto a USB drive.

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Also, remember that not all motherboards will boot off the USB chain. You might want to verify that yours does before you put too much energy into the project.

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