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I would like to create an MD5 file of a directory tree, containing only the bare names of the files. md5deep exactly does that, but it cannot filter for files when in recursive mode.

md5deep -rb . > md5.txt

Is there any way to filter for (*.jpg) before outputting it to md5.txt? In Linux it would be just a |, but how do I do it in Windows?

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md5deep doesn't filter just those file you give in the filspec e.g. *.jpg. You can use find to generare the file list and pass it to md5deep

find . -name '*.jpg' -exec md5deep -b {} + >>md5.txt

You should delete the md5.txt file before running the code again otherwise it will have a new set of files appended to it.

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This one looks professional. In the meantime, I've just done this 'md5deep -rb . | find /I ".jpg" > local.md5' Its not very efficient, because it hashes first, then filters the files, but in my case all the other files are really small files, so it doesn't make a change. But yours is definately better. – zsero Mar 20 '11 at 19:14

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