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I've been able to install squid on my Ubuntu Server with basic authentication and everything works perfectly. Recently the boss asked to block facebook access and I did it with no problems. Now it looks that he wants to give the users possibility to access during lunchtime...

Any ideas?

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Taken from my configfile:

# When is Facebook allowed?
acl allowfacebooktime time MTWHF 12:15-13:45
# Facebook ACL
acl facebookdotcom  dstdomain .facebook.com
# Only allow Facebook as described by allowfacebooktime
http_access allow facebookdotcom allowfacebooktime
# Else block facebook
http_access deny facebookdotcom
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Squid supports time-base ACLS

Something like this should work:

acl FACEBOOK dst www.facebook.com
acl LUNCH time MTWHF 12:30-1:30

http_access allow FACEBOOK LUNCH
http_access deny FACEBOOK

The "FACEBOOK" acl is probably wrong, I'm just making this up as I go :). The above says to allow access to whatever matches the FACEBOOK acl, during the time period matched by the LUNCH acl. It then says to deny access to the FACEBOOK acl as a fall back. Rules are matched in order, so the lunchtime rule has priority.

Squid Wiki page on time ACLS

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