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I have the Controller and the Primary server on the same computer. I would like to URL Rewrite inbound port 80 traffic bound for the controller to port 591 on the web farm.

What URL Rewrite rule could I use to redirect traffic from port 80 to port 591? Or, is there some manual/blog out there that instructs how to put both the Controller and the Primary on the same server?

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I got it to work, but backwards. I had the Cisco router NAT traffic from the outside port 80 to the inside port 591 going to the Controller. Then I had the Controller route traffic to the Primary and Secondary on port 80, one of which happened to be on the same machine. It got around the ASP.NET MVC 3 routing issues I was having too.

Only problem is it keeps resetting the servers and I get either 500 or 404 errors. Everything works for a day after I restart, but a day later it fails.

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