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Can someone help me to setup nginx on my box? I have compiled it (i'm using it to run Django app using uwsgi_rs).

Its running OK but i have to start it manually. How can i setup it to autorun? And start it again (automatically) if it ware killed? I'm talking about nginx and uwsgi...

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You can find an Ubuntu 9 compatible init script for nginx on the nginx wiki. It also contains instructions on how to install it so that it is started when the system boots.

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I suspect the "right" answer here might be to write an Upstart script. – Tom O'Connor Mar 21 '11 at 10:31
Does Upstart can restart nginx process? If it were killed? I saw script but i'm not sure it support auto-restarting... Am I wrong? – NilColor Mar 21 '11 at 11:41

I would suggest to take a look at runit. I've grown quite fond of it. There are packages for it on most distributions and the setup is not that hard.

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I don't know about the capabilities of nginx, so I just assume you've checked (man nginx) that it doesn't have an option to automatically respawn. You can create (as root) a simple script like this:

while [ 1 ]
  do /usr/local/sbin/nginx

save as, for example, /usr/local/bin/, then do chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ and finally, in the init script you mentioned, replace the line



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