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Hy, I got a domain (say and a server (say IP I want to relay every traffic which is requested from the domain to my server. Every subdomain should be handled like this (so wildcard DNS). There should be one exception: The subdomain should be routed to another ip (say IP

My previous hoster made the following zone-file for the dns server for me:

@                        IN A
mail                     IN A
*                        IN CNAME   @

Now, my new DNS-Hoster claims this is invalid and proposes this new zone file to me:

@                        IN A
mail                     IN A
*                        IN A

Is the first one realy wrong? Is the second one correct and does what I want?

I already read I a Wildcard CName DNS Record Valid, so the first one should not be wrong but only unsuported.


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Read the full explanation here: Is a wildcard CNAME DNS record valid?

Is not wrong, but some providers doesn't support it.

Yes the second is correct and have the same efect.

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Okay, I already read that. But does the second solution do the same? – theomega Mar 21 '11 at 9:56
yes have the same effect. – Sacx Mar 21 '11 at 10:02

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