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I have some "trusted IPs" that I want to allow full access to my machine with "minimal performance impact". The PREROUTING -t mangle is the first chain a packet will pass, entering the system. Is it valid/allowed to use an -j ACCEPT in the PREROUTING -t mangle Chain??

I am not sure this is allowed, as the PREROUTING chain is before(!!) the internal ROUTING. What happens if I accept a packet in the PREROUTING Chain, will this packet then nevertheless be routed correctly or will -j ACCEPT lead to "bypassing" the Routing?

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No. You should setup all allow/denies in your filter chain only. Mangle is meant for altering packets in some way.

You could use mangle to setup a fwmark on the traffic if it matches a series of IP addresses and then permit the traffic via a fwmark instead.

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In iptables, ACCEPT basically means "done processing this chain, pass the packet to the next chain".

You don't have to do anything in the mangle table; the routing will happen whether you do something there or not. Well, as long as you don't DROP the packet, of course :)

I think the following page will help you understand. It contains 2 nice diagrams on how a packet traverses the netfilter/iptables chains. The first one is more intuitive, the second is more canonical (but sadly out-of-date):

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