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Does anybody know if it's possible to disable error messages, such as invalid password, in the rdesktop client on unix? I'd like to write a script that uses rdesktop in a while loop, but it seems to hang if I don't auth properly.

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Why not test the username and password against the server first, using something else (SMB perhaps)?

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An excellent suggestion. However, some of these systems live inside the DMZ and I can only see port 3389 on them. – dr.pooter Jun 14 '09 at 12:39
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OK. It's not possible. Back to the drawing board.

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You gave up about 39 seconds too soon. – Joseph Kern Jun 12 '09 at 19:56

Something is afoot! Why would you want to repeatedly login to a remote desktop session with an invalid password?

I'll bite ...

rdesktop 2> /dev/null

Just a simple error redirection should work. But still. Why do you need to write a while loop for an interactive process?

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rdesktop 2> /dev/null will redirect errors from the client itself but not errors presented from the GINA. Most of the machines in my survey have the same account, but not all. That's a fine situation, but I want to have the while loop continue when it gets a failure from the outliers. Really though, there's no way to do this without hacking the rdesktop source. My plan is to try sending 'enter' on detection. – dr.pooter Jun 12 '09 at 20:09
Ah. Interesting. – Joseph Kern Jun 12 '09 at 20:27

I have to assume you did what I did, took a Pos desktop, put rdesktop on it and secured it down. On boot mine executes rdesktop to our terminal service.

Two options 1) create a link on desktop to recreate connection(easy fast cheap) 2) create a script that waits for rdesktop to exit, on return it restarts rdesktop. This is very doable but a pain in the ass. you'll need to learn signal handlers for this.

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