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On the back of my cisco router, I see the following ports:

  • 4 LAN ports
  • ISDN S/T
  • Console

Two really basic questions:

1) Is the ISDN S/T port like any other WAN ethernet port? (i.e. can I plug an ethernet cable from my existing cable modem into it? or do I need a different router?)

2) To configure the router, am I able to connect to it via a LAN port (like other routers) or do I have to connect via the Console port?


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Knowing the model is the most important part of getting the help you need. – mfinni Mar 21 '11 at 16:29
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1) No, ISDN and Ethernet are totally different, even if the ports have the same size.

2) You don't even tell us the model of the device.

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Depending on the model, Cisco's "console" port is most likely also not ethernet, it's a serial port you'll need an adapter to plug a serial cable into. – DerfK Mar 21 '11 at 16:29

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