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I'm looking at both virtualmin and kloxo for managing a CentOS 5 server that I'm setting up, and I'd like to know what the ups and downs of each are. It will mainly be a web server, and I don't have the money to go for cPanel or Plesk or any other payed, and I've narrowed it down to virtualmin (not pro) and kloxo.

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If they are both free, just install and test them. In a VPS that would be rather easy only requiring a rebuild between tests but if you can't to do that, install Virtualbox in your PC with CentOS and play with them.

You could get a better answer if you describe the server specs. I prefer Kloxo for its minimal resource usage with a few tweaks (lighttpd+djbdns+bogofilter+skip-innodb) when using low spec VPS. It runs comfortably even in a 64mb ovz VPS leaving 30+mb free RAM. But if that's not a concern, go ahead and try both.

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Do you actually need a control panel? If all you have are a few simple websites, just set up your web server and PHP by hand. On centos it's pretty easy:

yum install httpd php
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I know that. I'd just like a control panel to make my life a bit easier. –  Sam Bloomberg Mar 22 '11 at 1:57
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Well, I tried virtualmin, and frankly, I was unimpressed. I'm also trying a lot of different OS-es, but so far Kloxo looks good for me. Thanks for everyone's answers!

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