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We have a Canon iR C2380 printing system and a Windows 2003 R2 printserver. Printing works fine so far from WinXP and Win7 clients using a mix of PCL and PS.

We have to add a separator page to each print job. Historically, this page has always been on colored paper to make separating the print jobs easy. We expect the printer to do about 10k pages per month.

The separator page should contain date and username, be on the colored paper A4, provided in one drawer of the printer. The print jobs are A4, A3, simplex and duplex. The Device is also used as a copier, copy jobs should not have a separator page, and obviously never touch the colored paper.

Built-in functions of the printer only allow to add one single sheet of empty paper.

Windows 2k3R2 onboard functions prevent the printer from finishing A3 jobs - it asks to add A3 paper, despite a drawer being configured A3, which works without the separator page.

How can we set up the system so we get a colored separator-page, and print duplex, A4 and A3, PCL and PS?

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What is your question? –  Sam Mar 22 '11 at 10:01
ups, thank you! Question clarified. –  Posipiet Mar 22 '11 at 10:16

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