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I need to create a subdomain ( and have it re-direct to our Reviews page at The genius's at Volusion have never gotten this to work correctly and I have been asking them for years now (yes years). Our nameservers are on Volusion and we are hosted through GoDaddy.

Volusion tells me to use their "CPanel" to update DNS Records to this:

reviews | CNAME |

This doesn't even work when going to and of course does not do the full job as I want to go to

So I have then tried doing a Forward Subdomain in GoDaddy. Added subdomain "reviews" and forward to the link I mentioned above, with no avail (im assuming because my nameservers reside on Volusion).

Has anyone had experience doing this, or does anyone know of any suggestions? Volusion is pretty limited with this and as I've said, I have been trying this for years and I've finally decided to consult the community here at stackflow. Thanks in advance.

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Todd did you ever get this working? I am trying to do the same thing. – user204845 Jan 8 '14 at 23:53


You need to purchase hosting with GoDaddy to allow for the redirect. Once you purchase the hosting you will be given an IP address, which will need to be registered as an A record under the Volusion DNS. Within the GoDaddy hosting, a redirect will need to be setup for all requests (usually with .htaccess for Apache hosting) to point to

It may be possible to use GoDaddy's Forward Subdomain, the problem is that you need to know either what the CNAME or A record to register at Volusion will be, but I doubt GoDaddy solicits this information.

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