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I have VPS server. I have kloxo. System is linux. How can I disable logs? I don't want them, they eat my space and I really don't need them at this time.

Thank you very much.

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I believe you meant "processed logs". Kloxo will move old logs processed for statistics and quota enforcement to the user home dir under __processed_stats. These can add up fast depending on the site traffic.

To disable it go to the panel, list the domains and for each click in "Stats Configuration" button. To remove these logs, click "Domain defaults" button.

If you meant system logs, you should reconsider it. Kloxo uses many of these for things like brute-force attack protection (web, ftp, mail and ssh access logs combined) and traffic quota enforcement.

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You are dead right, I want to delete those files in __processed_stats. I disabled it, but I can't delete the current files. I think I have to do it via SSH. What I have to write there? Thank you very right. –  hey Mar 23 '11 at 17:49
You can use Kloxo's builtin file manager or your prefered FTP client. –  Zol Mar 24 '11 at 17:03

You don't want to delete your logs, or stop collecting them; when you have a problem, you'll have no reference for how to solve it. What you want to do is rotate your logs. Check out LogRotate; it's a commonly-installed package that can handle this for you.

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  • Go to the Kloxo control panel for your VPS
    • Go to the domain management of any domain
    • Navigate to “Stats Configuration“
    • Check “Remove Processed Logs“
    • Click the “Update All” button to make sure all domains logs are deleted after processing.

That’s it! I’d really wish this feature would be enabled by default, but it isn’t. Remember, if you add new domains, you would need to repeat these steps.

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