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Ideally, I'm looking for an online database that has a REST API that I can query with device make and models and get back some standard configuration data on on that model.

For example, given an IBM x3850, I would want to know:

  • Height in RU
  • Width
  • Weight
  • Number of NICs
  • NUmber of HDDs
  • etc.

Does anyone know a good website with this? Maybe a webservice that wraps all those entries on Wikipedia?

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No, at least I never heard of something like that.

First, why would anyone be interested to do the considerable work necessary and what would he gain from it?

Second, I don't think it's even possible given the fact that sometimes the same model number can describe quite different systems, not to mention the various BTO options you usually have with servers.

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Given the dynamics of server specs I really doubt a "universal" type of site would remain current long enough to be of any real value. Better stick to the manufacturers' sites.

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