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Im currently running a Maintenance Plan on SQL Server that does the following:

  • 1 daily full backup

  • Hourly transaction log backup

  • 1 daily maintenance cleanup

On the reporting options I have it set up to send a report to an email recipient, so now I'm getting an email hourly.

Is it possible to receive a summary email, for example at the end of the day with results of all the sub plans? Any suggestion on how to accomplish something similar?

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You can start from this sql server central article: Automating SQL Server Health Check (Subscription required). The script will send you email which contains a summary of your jobs, disk space etc. You can create a job that run the stored procedure and schedule it to run once a day so that you will get the report in your inbox.

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That script works great, thanks – alejandrobog Mar 24 '11 at 18:53

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