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I would like to add a bind mount to my redhat server that gets reimaged via kickstart. Problem I am facing is, it looks like %pre is too early and %post is too late. For example I would like to take out /var and put it in a different real mount like /bigfs/var. I would like to do it before any writes to /var. Theoretically I can do it in post where I could tar current /var, create bind mounts, untar. This seems a clunky way of doing it, wonder if there is a better way to insert entries in /etc/fstab when new filesystems get mounted and get added to /etc/fstab.

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Use %post --nochroot to avoid chrooting into the installed system, then edit /mnt/sysimage/etc/fstab in that block.

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The only way to manipulate /etc/fstab before the install is though the part command and that doesn't support bind mounts. I do the manipulation in the %post section as you describe.

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