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Which technologies would you choose for:

  1. Over 20 million views a month
  2. Up to 100GB of database (MDF)
  3. $100,000 budget

I'm planning to build this website using 4 servers of 2 x ASP.NET 4.0 and 2 x MSSQL Server 2008R2.

Would you plan it differently? Maybe PHP/JSP or Oracle instead of MSSQL? I really need to know in terms of performance which technology is the best. Budget is kinda flexible.


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The information you've provided is pretty meaningless without some concept of the sort of work the site will be performing. As such, you probably want to update your question with some fairly detailed information regarding how the pages are generated, what the RDBMS will be used for, what caching strategies you plan on implementing, etc. – middaparka Mar 23 '11 at 20:51
have you got any real numbers? 20 million visitors viewing a static webpage or working out the 125 million digit of PI makes a pretty big difference in scalability – Jim B Mar 23 '11 at 21:03

My. Mobile . Phone. Really.

20 million users per month? = 1 million users per day on 20 business days = 125000 visitors per hour on 8 business hours (realize am rounding up significantly to the end number) = 35,78 vistitors per second. Ouch. Not a lot.

Ok, a lot for my mobile phone. But depending what you do it can be a lot of pretty much nothing. I remember 10 years ago or so a dual pentiumn was used to handle 400.000 visitors on a new dating line. 34mbit bandwidth. IN HALF AN HOUR when it was mentioned in TV. That is... 6 times your volume.

A lot also depends on your programming power, obviously.

Anyhow, the 20 million ivisitors are a useless metrics.


Any of the modern technology stacks can comfortably handle that kind of load with that budget. You should use the stack that you know best (and can therefore support best).

One thing I might do differently is Sql Server. I see you plan for two servers. That's good, but I'd think of the second server more in terms of failover scenarios than for load balancing.