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Perhaps an easy question, but had difficulty finding a way to phrase it so that google gave results.

Currently I have

However, doing to gives the results for, rather than What is the proper CNAME/A Record approach to doing this?

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I assume by "going to" you mean in a web browser?

If so, and they all have the same IP address, you'll need either:

  • a host header configured on the site hosting for, or
  • to become the default web site.

If this is IIS, the second can be accomplished by ensuring the other sites use the appropriate host headers.

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Great this pointed me in the right direction. Ended up using ServerAlias in my VirtualHost file. Turns out Apache was defaulting to the first one it found, which happened to be – Brett van Zuiden Mar 24 '11 at 4:41
Its better to have apache redirect to using a 301 (permanant redirect). This will tell spiders like google that you only want indexed, and that's where you want all your traffic going, even if other link to, this can improve your search engine placement by consolidating everyting. – stew Mar 24 '11 at 11:05

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