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I have Windows XP, in which I have installed a Windows Server 2003 VM on Virtualbox.

I have hosted my website in the guest server with IIS.

I am able to access that site by using following link in the guest OS


The IP address of the guest is

I want to access the web site from the host OS. I am trying the following URL in Internet Explorer

but I am not able to access the site. How can I fix this?

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Try setting the virtualbox network configuration to bridged, This way it will put itself inside of the same network as the host and I think you might have more luck connecting to it.

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+1 Given all the problems created by the NAT mode I really wonder why the default isn't bridged mode, which in most cases is the only mode that makes any kind of sense. – John Gardeniers Mar 24 '11 at 10:40
@JohnGardeniers Because of only one reason, Security :D – Jassi Jun 16 at 6:40

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