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I'm having problems configuring my ape-server. First, I reside behind a corporate firewall where our own DNS servers are maintained. I requested a domain name for my server and was provided uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com from my IT group. Therefore, my website works and can be accessed via (intranet only) at http://uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com/test.php.

I followed the instructions at ape-project.org and run the Check Tool at the end only to find I get an error stating:

Running test : Contacting APE Server (adding frequency)
Can't contact APE Server. Please check the folowing url is pointing to your APE server : http://0.uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com:6969

my /etc/apache2/apache2.conf module looks as follows:

<VirtualHost *:80>
   Servername uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com
   ServerAlias ape.uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com
   ServerAlias *.ape.uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com

   DocumentRoot "/var/www/"

my /var/www/ape-jsf/Demos/config.js config section looks as follows:

 APE.Config.baseUrl = 'http://uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com/ape-jsf';
 APE.Config.domain = 'uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com';
 APE.Config.server = 'uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com:6969';

The instructions at ape-project.org tell me that the APE.Config.server should be `ape.mydomain.com:6969'; but that does not work (I'm assuming because my corporate DNS does not understand the 'ape' before the domain name since 'ape' was not registered with the IT DNS). So therefore, I changed it to what you see above.

Please help!! Thanks in advance


per the installation instructions located on this page http://www.ape-project.org/wiki/index.php/Advanced_APE_configuration under 'Configure your Server/Computer' (I'm running it on a server obviously) It says I need to add some lines to my DNS config file.
It sounds like (since I'm within a corporate network) I would ask my IT group to add the following lines to the DNS configuration file on their end:

ape     IN    A        x.x.x.x  ; IP address of my APE server
*.ape   IN    CNAME    ape

I just want to make sure this is all I have to have them add (or if this is even correct) before I ask them.

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The 0.uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com address is troubling. Do you have something in Apache/APE set up to use subdomains? If so, your IT group will need to create a new DNS zone for uslonsweb003.us.mycompany.com and separate DNS A records for all the subdomains you want to use.

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please see my OP - 'update1' –  sadmicrowave Mar 24 '11 at 13:24
@sadmicrowave I don't believe that is where it is coming from. That is just adding the arguments to the request string, not the hostname. –  Hyppy Mar 24 '11 at 13:28
I don't have a dir for /etc/apache2/ape –  sadmicrowave Mar 24 '11 at 13:30

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