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I need to setup an linux/apache box to be a proxy for an IIS web server running a .NET application.

I need no checks, verifications, modifications, nothing. I want to point the A record for to the linux/apache server and have it relay any URL for to the IP address of the IIS web server.

Note that I cannot relay to another domain name. I must relay to the IIS IP address.

Additionally, it has to work if someone goes to: or

linux/apache should simply pass the requested URL directly to the IIS server, no matter what that URL is. It would be nice if it was only for the domain "" - but if it had to be a complete wildcard, that's okay. There is only one domain which will be pointed to our linux/apache server, and it should forward any URL thrown at it to ONE IP address.

I have struggled with many other examples, but they are doing exceptions, exemptions, re-writes, renames, etc.

I need a very simple, basic "proxy" to another IP address. That's all.

Thank you for the help!!!

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see the documentation for mod_proxy here: here, including a reverse proxy exmaple Sounds like you'll want the ProxyPreserveHost option turned on.

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