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The issue is this :

Our company has a website hosted on an IIS server. I have recently been given the task to configure a WordPress server for an eventual WordPress blog so that our social media employee could test and see how it works.

This was completed successfully and easily on a new server and on a WAMP configuration. The website was published as and works fine.

HOWEVER! I have now been requested to ensure that the soon-to-go-online blog would be accessible through the address

Is there a way to modify the original company website and simple redirect the /blog to the Apache WordPress website? If not, is there a way to transfer the on the IIS server hosting the main website and keep the configuration? Is there a better solution that I haven't thought about (probably)? If so, what would you all suggest?

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Have a look at the Application Request Routing (ARR) IIS module from Microsoft. The situation you are in basically requires a reverse proxy which the ARR should be able to provide. More information can be found here.

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