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Where can I download a simple Windows GUI app that can consume an HTTP POST, display its contents, and return 200?

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This is really best done by writing a script and loading it into your favourite web server (IIS, Apache, whatever), and then pushing the POST to this file.



ASP Classic:

    For Each Item In Request.Form
        For x=1 To Request.Form(item).Count
            Response.Write Item & ": " & Request.Form(Item)(x) & "<br>"

Credit where credit's due, ASP code blatantly lifted from here

The 200 response is automatically generated by the web server, since we are outputting valid code.

If you need a more of a "catch all" response (i.e. you want the web server to run this script regardless of whatever URL you're POSTing to) this can be done with a rewrite rule.

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+1 this is by far the easiest way. Personally, I like to enclose my print_r's with <pre></pre> tags so it's at least vaguely readable. – Ben Pilbrow Mar 24 '11 at 22:27
@Ben - good point, I'd forgotten about that (my scripting/coding skills are quite rusty these days). – Mark Henderson Mar 24 '11 at 22:29

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