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I have been put in to the project involving Spring, Hibernate, Drools, RabbitMq . Though I have no idea of how drools work in coherence with Spring,Hibernate etc but I need to learn it in no time because the project is all ready functioning and is in production .So for working on it I thought of setting up the system first and then understand and work on the related ticket....

Problem in setting up the system goes like this...

  • I configured tomcat then deployed

  • drools over it drools is up and

  • running I created a category to store.drl file containing rules.

  • Created a package for storing rules

  • uploaded POJO class uploaded the application jar file saved and validated configuration

  • I finally deployed my application jar file on server and made it run

so far everything went smooth..and server also showed no problem but when i am hitting this " http://hostname:port/succor-impl-1.0-SNAPSHOT/ " on my address bar i am getting good old scary "404 not found" i went running to catalina.out to check log and to my horror it is not showing any error ... I am puzzled and confused ... why it is not showing any error in catalina.out if it is throwing 404 on my face...

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check for server context in (i think server.xml) it may not like that succor-impl-1.0-SNAPSHOT business in the URL. It could be they are setting "succor" or "somefriendly_name" in server-context.

Thats my shot in the dark!

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