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I'm working on a Linux network deice, and there are some TCP/IP settings that don't seem to have IPv6 equivalents. IP forwarding is a common setting, and available in both stacks


But these are examples of some setting I would need to support IPv6


ip_nonlocal_bind is pretty critical, and settings for TCP TIME_WAIT sockets are seemingly missing.

Pointers to kernel/iproute documentation which I may have missed would be great too.

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Well, it seems that at least some (all?) of these features just haven't been implemented.

Here is a recent attempted patch to add ipv6_nonlocal_bind, with some issues later in the thread.

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Note that although some of these parameters have ipv4 in their names, they apply equally to TCP over IPv6.

I have not tested myself whether it is true.

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Some of them are easy to test. I can confirm that net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range also affects IPv6. But net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind does not affect IPv6. That does not mean that nonlocal binds are not implemented for IPv6 though, it is just controlled through a per socket option rather than through a systemwide setting. – kasperd Mar 7 at 13:46

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