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What software is typically used to redirect users on a public WAP to a TOU page?

For example, at McDonald's if you jump on their free wireless, you cannot SSH until first attempting to use a browser, which is redirected to a corporate TOU page that you must agree to before you get a fully-capable connection.

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It's called a captive portal.

Most higher-end commercial wireless controllers can do such a thing.

If you're looking to implement such a thing, pfSense does it. We've implemented exactly that for customers of ours.

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You can also do this in your wireless router without doing a whole captive portal. For example, if you can run an appropriate dd-wrt on your router, you can set up NoCatSplash to force a user to log in and agree to a terms of service page. Typically you want to pick a router with more than 4MB of flash, so you can install one of the larger firmware images that supports more features like this.

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