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I've been reading about load-balancing with HaProxy and was wondering if you can use this load balancer if I don't do any layer 7 processing? I suppose that using only roundrobin at TCP level load-balancing could work with SSL connexions? I only accept SSL (no HTTP whatsoever). I would like not to terminate SSL at the load balancer (that's why I would like to avoid STunnel).

Thank you.

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If you want to terminate the SSL at the load balancer then you have no choice but to use something like Stunnel, Pound or Nginx. HA-Proxy doesn't support terminating the SSL itself.

Alternatively you can terminate the SSL at your web servers. In which case just setup HA-Proxy to pass-thru the TCP (HTTPS/443) connections to your web servers. Although remember in this mode you will not be able to do any L7 inspection or rules which is sort of what makes HA-Proxy so powerful.

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