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So I have two hard drives. The actual drives have been encrypted with TrueCrypt, and then the virtual encrypted devices have been combined into a volume group using LVM. Now TrueCrypt does not automatically mount my drives on startup (because it needs my password), so what happens if my server needs to be restarted? Should I just be able to mount the TrueCrypt volumes from command line and LVM will go on its happy way, or will I lose all my data because LVM will think all my drives have disappeared.

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If that is the case you can try the vgimport command to search for volume groups on your drives.

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LVM data is actually stored on disk (In the encrypted TrueCrypt volume in this case), you might need to execute some commands that make the server pick-up the LVM again after mounting the TrueCrypt disks, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

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So I found out the answer to this a while ago but forgot to update here. To re-recognize LVM devices if they do not exist on startup, run the following commands:

  • Scan for devices: pvscan
  • Re-activate Volume Group: vgchange -a y
  • Re-activate Logical: lvchange -a y <your VG here>

Then everything should be good.

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