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I'm fairly new to OpenBSD but I'm trying to cobble together what you might call a poor man's NAS with an existing computer with OpenBSD and external hd.

For this task, I'll have clients (both internal and external) regularly connect to transfer files to the mounted external disk over SSH. I'm trying to make things as seamless as possible, as I'll be backing up from Linux, OSX, and (possibly Windows) machines that are both internal and external to the home network. So, wanting to avoid compatibility issues, how best to have OpenBSD treat the mounted disk like an encrypted volume to accomplish this task? I'd like to know about svnd vs. softraid for my particular purposes, decryption compatibility issues, and also any additional ideas you might have.

Thank you

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Compatibility? What are the compatibility requirements? If it's only ever readable from an OpenBSD box, then softraid/svnd is viable, if it must be read from a non-OpenBSD box then you may need to look somewhere else. –  samt Mar 27 '11 at 13:10
Right, I'm fine with only ever being able to retrieve the data from an OpenBSD box. However, the realities of grad student housing have recently dawned on me - I'm faced with frequent power outages... Will likely prove to be a big pain. –  FiberOptix Mar 27 '11 at 21:13

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