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I tried to setup OpenLDAP in a small enterprise and realized that its configs are too far away from being geniously-short and intuitive.

Is there any Linux (preferably, Ubuntu) LDAP daemon that follows the KISS-principle and integrate well with Linux & Windows? What are the drawbacks?

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Maybe you can get further by asking for help on your OpenLDAP problems? I have set up several Debian LDAP servers and can now do it without much problems (after the third attempt). – sybreon Mar 28 '11 at 4:09

Though I have not used it much myself, if you are using Fedora, 389 directory server is pretty simple to setup by doing:

  1. sudo yum install 389-ds
  2. sudo
  3. Answer some questions and *poof* LDAP server.

They do also have windows password synchronization via an AD Plugin.

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Zentyal can be the solution: it offers a nice WEB-GUI for multiple services, including OpenLDAP.

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ldap Kerberos dns and ntp

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