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Is there any way to set up a virtual infiniband network within kvm/qemu? If not, is there a viable open source alternative which would allow virtual infiniband networking?

(Note that I'm not looking to give VMs access to a physical IB network, I'm looking to have an entirely virtual IB network with no IB hardware)

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Currently, to the best of my knowledge, QEMU/KVM can only emulate the basic (but enought to run a VM) set of bios/video/usb/disk/net combo. I know you said you don't want physical hardware, but your best chance at giving a VM some IB capabilities is using PCI passthrough.

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One of the following two drivers is probably what you are looking for: softiwarp ( or softroce (

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Do either of those give you an actual 'ifconfig ib0' type of network interface? – kdt Aug 5 '13 at 16:20
Since both run on top of Ethernet you won't need an equivalent of ib_ipoib. However, both drivers create RDMA interfaces that show up in the output of RDMA tools like e.g. ibv_devices. – user251384 Sep 6 '13 at 19:23

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