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I'm looking for a way to extend a partition size from about 120g to 500g. The partition is currently in sysprep mode - I'm not wanting to boot to the partition as it needs to stay in sysprep mode. The computer currently has a windows XP NFTS partition on it.

Does anyone know any tools to use?

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The key is to use diskpart.exe or another disk util in a booted OS "outside" the sysprep OS.

One way: Boot to the Windows Vista/7/2008 CD, once you get to a menu, hit F8 to pull up the command prompt, find which drive the HD is represented at (C: "maybe"), and use diskpart commands such as these to select and expand the drive.

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Don't think there's a way. Boot the computer, wait till sysprep will finish, extend the partition and then reseal the image.

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Assuming that sysprep mode doesn't lock or put funny flags on NTFS:

Grab a Linux CD like Parted Magic and use gparted to resize partitions via a graphical interface.

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Yes it was the sysprep part that I was unsure - not certain if resizing the partition will affect/destroy sysprep. – homer Mar 28 '11 at 3:33

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