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I have just moved servers with around 20 clients hosted on it. I have moved from a propriety management system to Cpanel/WHM.

I just wondered how to go about changing the email username for accounts that I create in Cpanel.

By default, when you add a Cpanel account, email address usernames are automatically 'USER@ACCOUNTDOMAIN.COM'. I want to be able to change this to whatever I want (to match the old usernames).

I am using Exim in Cpanel.


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Found the answer on the Cpanel Forums, from a Cpanel employee. It's not the one I wanted, but here it is:


Using the full e-mail address is required, due to the way e-mail username and password information is stored. Each domain has its own passwd and shadow file, and the POP/IMAP service needs the full e-mail address in order to know which passwd and shadow files to check for authentication information. There is no way to work around this.

Not using the full username only applies when logging into FTP on an account that has a dedicated IP address. This is a different authentication system from that used by e-mail. The full e-mail address must be used when accessing a mailbox using POP or IMAP, whether from a mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird or using Webmail.

The only case in which this does not apply to e-mail is logging in with the account's cPanel username, which is only for accessing the default account mailbox.

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