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OS is Debian sid. BIND 9.7.3.

It has no ACLs (except whatever's the not-overridden-in-config-file default), and has "listen-on-v6 { any; };" (as per Debian's default).

IPv6 is supported (ssh, smtp, http[s] and imaps all running on IPv6 sockets). Ah, yes, it is dual-stack (of course).

BIND says "No IPv6 interfaces found" but, obviously, there is one.

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Pilot error (and a very misleading error message): I had a "-4" in the options in /etc/default/bind9 (don't recall why I put it there, but I recall now that I did so)

The misleading error is that Bind reports not finding an interface when I expressly told it not to do IPv6. It should report the latter. Which it doesn't.

So, problem solved.

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