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I'm trying to test move a SharePoint 2007 and Project 2007 to Server 2008R2 and using SQL 2008 as the backend. I'm setting it up just like I have done numerous times for Server '03 and there are no problems with those deployments.

I have fresh copies of MOSS/MOPS with all Service Packs installed, every thing installs fine, I start services on the farm, create SSP and necessary web apps, then create the PWA site. I define time periods then create a timesheet, enter time, hit save, and I get "While communicating with the Project Server an error occurred. Check connectivity with your administrator to determine if further action is necessary"

I can do Recalculate and I also can do Save and Submit without any trouble though. Save and Submit processes through the queue and my timesheet is then auto approved.

If I go and setup an Server 2003 box with the same as above I have no problems. What could I be missing on 08r2?

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Needed to disable Dynamic Compression in IIS. So for those of you that come across problems on a R2 build check there first.

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