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I want to know if I can delete this : SQLDump10000.txt . It's taking too much space.

If I delete it will it corrupt the database?

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On a server, the answer to "Can I delete it?" is always "Not unless you know who/what put it there, and why." Then you can make an informed decision yourself. – RobM Mar 30 '11 at 18:16

You can delete it without corrupting the DB. However, you should try to find who created the dump and why (likely a partial or full backup, though a strange way to do so), and ascertain if it is still needed.

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It does sound like a SQL Server dump file to me - if it's recent then be cautious, as it most likely means SQL Server had a problem. It might re-occur. Have a good look in the SQL and NT logs at around the time of the dump file date. Also, pay extra attention to your backups (you do test them?)

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