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Does anyone know how to set esc-esc completion? I've installed ksh93 from ports on FreeBSD.

set -o vi NOR set -o viraw have any effect


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If you are using set -o vi then esc \ will provide completion. If you want to use esc-esc, then try set -o emacs

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Definitely try out Esc + \ . – Nitrodist Apr 18 '11 at 20:49

Odd that I cannot add a comment to the other 'Answer'? And apparently I asked the above question as an unregistered user- sigh.

It appears that the following shell flavors all behave differently:
sh/bourne, hp-ux, (esc-esc file/dir completion)
ksh93 ('esc \' file/dir completion)
pdksh ('esc-esc' file/dir completion)

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