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I upgraded to Ubuntu 9 and I am now getting this error:

Tracker applet
There was an error while performing indexing
Index corrupted.

I've tried re-indexing, but the problem still shows up. Does anyone have any ideas?

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See the following two bugs:

A couple of potential solutions from those threads (for the person I was trying to help, the second solution worked better, since she was non-technical and got confused when trying to do the first):

sudo apt-get install tracker-utils
tracker-processes -r

Then I logged out and back in so the processes that I had previously killed by hand would restart in a normal fashion.


  • unchecking 'Enable indexing' in System->Preferences->Search & indexing should be sufficient to stop trackerd, at least after restarting your session if it's hanging
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You could try re-installing tracker? Something like:

$ sudo apt-get uninstall tracker
$ sudo apt-get install tracker

(Or can you do a reinstall?)

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