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I had a users initials as their First and Last name, and they asked me to put their full name in. I did. On my users list, it still shows the initials. When I open up the property window, it has their full name?

I know sometimes these changes are not done right away, but its been a few hours. How do I get these changes to go through?

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In the user list, select the user, right-click and select Rename.

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That was it. I guess I figured when I changed it in the property window, that was all there was to it. Not very intuitive that I had to do this also. Anyway, thanks. – bladefist Mar 30 '11 at 20:00

There are actually 6 fields that control user's name and username, and the only way in GUI to ensure you change them all is to do what Patrick and Vick Vega suggests. Just opening a user's properties and changing things doesn't cover it all. Always better to F2 or r-click->rename in user list to see all the fields.

The key is that Full Name and Display Name are different fields, but not obvious until you have this issue :)

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You probably need to update "Display Name" field.

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