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I haven't been able to find out what AMI runs on Amazon's elastic mapreduce instances. You can't specify one, but can customize the mapreduce instances by running a boostrap action. However, I'd like to know what I'm starting with.

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Currently one is:

  • ami-d6c232bf: us-east1, 32-bit

It appears that the specific AMI changes over time (and certainly between regions).

The answer can be found at any time or region by:

  1. Running curl after connecting with ssh to one of the EMR clusters you create.

  2. Checking the EC2 management console or CLI tools from that region. Your EMR instances show up as EC2 instances.

It also appears that it is possible to launch these into your own EC2 or VPC. I have verified that (at least with the image listed above), you can SSH into it after launching into EC2. I have no idea what will happen to hadoop if you do this or if this access will be discontinued at some point.

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FYI, the current (2012-05-14) EMR instance is ami-a9b362c0. – Ken Arnold May 14 '12 at 18:37

According to the FAQ. it's running Debian Lenny. I couldn't find the actual AMI.

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