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I'm writing a powershell script and I want to find out the result of a New-QADUser command if the command fails.

I found an argument to the New-QADUser command called -WhatIf (which I believe to be run if the cmdlet call fails) but I can't find any good examples of using it, and my attempts to use it have failed.

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if a cmdlet fails it returns an error. You can trap errors in powershell. See finding and avoiding errors

the -whatif parameter tells the cmdlet not to actually perform any actions but report of what the cmdlet would have done if allowed to.

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that's a really good reference! Thanks! – leeand00 Mar 31 '11 at 17:32
It is possible to trap an Exception of a particular type. But what type should I trap if I only want it to ignore Exceptions that occur when a user already exists? – leeand00 Mar 31 '11 at 18:06

The -whatif parameter is pretty standard in PowerShell. It will tell you (as best it can) what will happen if you execute the command that the -whatif parameter is appended to. It must be run BEFORE you run the command or it's not useful.

Here's an example:

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