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When I download flowplayer locally on my machine and open index.html, the example video runs fine, no problems.

I have a linode running cherokee 1.2.2 with a basic 'List and Send' virtual server setup. If I simply download the flowplayer zip, unzip it in my virtual server's root directory, then navigate to the example directory, I see the page fine but the flash video section is just black, with no video and no controls.

I'm not changing a single file in the flowplayer zip, just extracting it. Looking at my cherokee access log I can see that the swf file is being served fine.

Any suggestions?


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Alright, it looks like it had something to do with cherokee's mime type setting for .swf files. I changed the mime type of .swf files from application/x-shockwave-flash to application/octet-stream and now it works.

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