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Hello I have some troubles with query strings in SSI includes.

Apache 2.2 mpm-prefork + mod_perl + SSI enabled

Apache2 configuration:

cat apache2.conf
AddType text/html .shtml .html .htm
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml .html .htm
Options +Includes
XBitHack Full

apache2ctl -M 2>&1 | grep include
include_module (shared)

Test script:

chmod a+x /var/www/test.html
cat /var/www/test.html
1 <!--#include virtual="/soma-path/script.pl" -->
2 <!--#include virtual="/some-path/script.pl?param=1" -->


curl localhost:8081/test.html

That's ok.

Problem appears when I'm swapping first and second lines in the script:

cat /var/www/test.html
1 <!--#include virtual="/soma-path/script.pl?param=1" -->
2 <!--#include virtual="/some-path/script.pl" -->

Bad result:

curl localhost:8081/test.html

So I'm getting two equal results with param=1 instead of two different results. What's the problem? I've tried to change 'XBitHack Full' -> 'XBitHack On'. Same result. Maybe I need to use mod_expires?

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That looks like a threading issue to me. param is set on the first call, and since the same perl is used to run the second call, it's still set. –  malcolmpdx Mar 31 '11 at 16:58
The same result is for mpm-worker and mpm-prefork. –  irolla Mar 31 '11 at 20:11
I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. Since you're using mod_perl, unless you explicitly clear state on each invocation, variables will continue with values from the previous invocation. –  malcolmpdx Mar 31 '11 at 21:07

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